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Following are the wide range of services offered by Professional Tree Fellers:


Tree Felling – Occasionally a tree will need to be removed completely, this can be for a number of reasons. In the interests of conservation a diseased tree may have to be removed to ensure neighbouring trees do not also become infected. Most commonly a tree will be deemed unsafe to people and/or property i.e. if a tree is in a state of decay or in a weakened condition, or if the tree is in an unsuitable area affecting planning applications and construction projects. Felling a large tree in a restricted area will normally require the tree to be climbed and dismantled in sections. Other times when space, safety and the tree’s form allows, a tree may be felled in the traditional forestry sense of the term, by bringing the tree to ground whole, using practiced methods to ensure a safe, controlled and calculated fell.

Stump and Root Removal – Once a tree has been felled to ground level, you may require the stump to be removed. For this we offer a straight forward stump and root removal service. This procedure involves using a stump grinding machine which will, as the name suggests, grind the stump down until the stump and root system are destroyed. This is useful if your need to replant or build in this area. Sometimes we may uproot the tree manually depending on the size of the stump.

Storm damage – In periods of heavy storms with high winds trees can be susceptible to fall in such situations we will come out to assess and give advice accordingly. We will also available 24/7 hours for fallen trees due to storms, heavy winds and lightning

Crown Thinning– Involves the selective removal of inner branches evenly throughout the tree’s crown. This is an effective method of allowing light to travel through the crown and allows air to circulate more effectively throughout the canopy without altering the tree’s natural shape. As with Crown Reduction, all dangerous dead wood is removed during this operation.

Crown Lifting – The crown may need to be lifted because some of the lower branches are causing a problem to buildings, the public, walkways etc. The branches in the way are pruned back to the main trunk or to where they will grow back in a suitable way.

Crown Reduction – This is a common procedure to reduce the overall size of the crown (top of the tree). This process will help increase the life of the tree and general appearance and will be useful to allow more light to shine through the canopy, particularly useful if you find the trees are blocking out the light to your property.

Tree Pruning – Tree Pruning should be done early in the season with regards to fruit trees or when the tree is dormant. A good time to start pruning is when the tree is young, which when done right will help the tree grow in the correct manner to achieve strong branches. Pruning for fruit trees will help keep the orchard`s trees size and keep the shape under control. Which can help increase yields due to improved flowering and fruit buds?

Refuse Removal – Many people enjoy looking after their own gardens, and this obviously includes the pruning of trees and shrubs. We offer a garden refuse removal service to save you the time and hassle of getting rid of the green waste.

Insurance Claims – We are one of the approved service providers for tree related problems with most insurance companies

Site Clearing and Grubbing – The clearing or removal of vegetative cover including trees and shrubs on a project site in preparation for land improvement or construction projects.

Palm Tree Cleaning – Cleaning of all dead/dry branches, seedlings of all types of palm trees

Instant Lawn – We supply and lay all types of instant lawn

Supply of Topsoil – We supply finely sifted topsoil used for filling and preparation of newly landscaped areas.

Supply of Compost – We supply and lay top quality compost

Supply of Lawn Dressing -We supply and lay lawn top quality dressing

Supply of Dry Firewood-We sell soft and hardwood firewood that has been air dried to a suitable dryness to burn clean. We offer free delivery in the radius of 10km