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Tree Felling Maintenance

We know that servicing, or removing trees can be a difficult task for the average person. Professional Tree Fellers has worked to provide reliable and comprehensive tree service in Johannesburg North and the surrounding areas.

If you have an overgrown or decaying tree, it could damage your property or your neighbour’s. Not only can branches collapse onto fences, but roots can damage sidewalks and driveways. With the help of our experienced professionals, anyone can avoid costly issues like these.

Don’t spend your money on costly DIY projects that could put you in danger. You don’t have to rely on uninsured contractors who could leave you facing serious liability. Our professional team is ready to help.

Crown Lifting

Crown Lifting is the skilled technique of increasing the clear space below the foliage of a tree. This is often required in urban areas where the space under a tree is used for access i.e. pedestrians or vehicles need to pass under a tree safely or the space is used for parking etc. Crown Lifting involves the removal of the lower branches and the trimming of other remaining branch foliage to reduce their weight and allow them to lift up naturally. This can be done to achieve any required height clearance.

In situations where Crown Lifting is carried specifically for the purpose of clear out for access, the service may need to be repeated on a regular basis in order to maintain an acceptable level of clearance.

Crown Reduction

Crown Reduction is where you bring an overall shape to the crown of the tree. Crown reduction is one of the common techniques used today in pruning trees. This is where you cut the foliage from the outer edge into the crown, reducing the overall shape and size of the tree. When doing this type of reduction, ideally all cuts should be made to a bud or as close as you can to a partnering limb.


By doing this you can ensure that the tree has maintained its health and will not be as prone to limbs dying off or diseases. It reduces the weight of the tree and can potentially prevent limbs becoming dangerous and snapping in adverse weather conditions. When Crown reducing, the tree should always be balanced.

Crown reduction forms a major part of our daily work. We will advise you on our suggestion for the percentage of reduction required for your type of tree to achieve the best results, both aesthetically and structurally.

Crown Thinning

Crown Thinning is a technique used to remove heavy congestion of shoots within a tree. Crown thinning also allows more light to pass through a tree and reduces wind resistance, making the tree stronger in adverse weather conditions. When done correctly, Crown thinning also reduces the weight of each limb and makes the tree healthier and stronger. Crown Thinning has some similarities to the technique of Dead Wooding and often the two pruning techniques are carried out hand in hand.

Dead Wooding

Dead Wooding is where branches or limbs die off within a tree and can either break off or become vulnerable. These limbs can then fall over time or during periods of high winds and storms. If dead limbs are left, they will affect the overall health of the tree as rot can set in and spread to healthy areas. This can eventually lead to fungus issues and further damage, rendering the tree beyond help.

Dead wooding is mainly used for safety and for the continued health of a tree, though there are other benefits too. A lot of dead wood in a tree reduces its aesthetic appearance and this in turn reduces the amount of light that can pass through and makes the tree more susceptible to high winds. If dead wooding is left unattended, it attracts pests and diseases. The removal of dead wood reduces the weight of a tree and so reduces the risk of limbs breaking off. Dead Wooding is often carried out hand in hand with Crown Thinning.

We are often contracted to work within Schools, Complexes, Office parks, Shopping Centres, commercial and private properties.

Palm Tree Maintenance

Trimming and caring for these is no easy task, as they pose unique challenges when compared to other kinds of trees.

Professional Tree Fellers offers high-quality palm tree service. Our experts know a great deal about these trees and how to work with them. We can trim down leaves as well as remove flowers and fruit stalks.

Palm trees are unique, which means having a qualified service provider is important. Hiring inexperienced or uninsured workers can lead to subpar results and serious liability. No one wants the headache and costs associated with job done poorly, which is why our team has such a commitment to professionalism and excellence.

We also offer thinning-based palm tree service to make a tree more balanced and give it a neater appearance. If your tree has grown too big for you to safely trim it yourself, let us help you.

Diseased Trees


Dead, diseased or dying trees can pose a major threat to the environment, as the large quantities of dead wood and the damage to the stability of the tree can create serious safety hazards, particularly during strong winds.

If not contained, the disease can spread to other types of trees which can see an entire species descend into extinction. As such, the help of a professional must be sought immediately to ensure the most appropriate action is taken.

The earlier the issue is identified, the quicker it can be rectified to protect the safety of the environment and those walking nearby. A thorough assessment of the tree will determine which course of care is required so that any problems are dealt with in the correct manner. More often than not, in the case of a dead or infected tree, the most appropriate course of action is tree felling.

Tree Storm damage & Emergency

Our experienced professionals have taken care of countless storm damage and emergency service jobs.If you have trees that are decaying, dying, or already dead, it’s a good idea to have them removed immediately. Otherwise, when dangerously high winds come about, they’re likely to fall and cause even more damage. Then you have more hassles to contend with – calling us, contacting the insurance company, and the additional property damage.Instead of dealing with all of that, why not just give Professional tree fellers a call, pay a little now, and prevent yourself many more problems down the road.

Root Management & Stump Removal

Even if you have a tree cut down, the remaining stump can pose some problems. However, If you prefer to keep the Stumps as feature, we have eco-friendly methods to treat the stump to ensure regrowth of shoots and roots does not occur.

Tree stumps can be unsightly and they can also take up a large amount of space on a piece of property. We offer professional stump removal to help anyone rid their property of any kinds of issues posed by a left-over tree stump.

A stump can be more than an aesthetic problem. Stumps with large roots can eventually tear apart even the sturdiest driveways, for instance. They can even pose a threat to public sewer lines and other utilities. No one wants the burden an expensive situation like this, so getting the problem removed is the way to go.

Our skilled team will grind down the stump into wood chips. We can take these away or leave them, if you’d prefer to use them for gardening purposes. We will also make sure the stump is crushed down below ground level, allowing the spot to be planted over or built over.

Site Clearing

Site clearance is normally carried out to make way for new developments or to clear a plot of land. This can involve tree felling, tree stump grinding and scrub clearance to provide a good clear site ready for the next stage for construction.

Professional tree fellers have been carrying out commercial site clearance for many years and have a wealth of experience and machinery to tackle most requests.


Our firewood is kept and seasoned for a minimum of 12 months and is sold ready to burn and contains a mixture of both hardwood and softwood.

Refuse Removal

Many people enjoy looking after their own gardens, and this obviously includes the pruning of trees and shrubs. We offer a garden refuse removal service to save you the time and hassle of getting rid of the green waste.

Insurance Claims

We are one of the approved service providers for tree related problems with most insurance companies